Jana Ahlstr和

Jana Ahlstr和

Class Year



Plymouth, Wis.


Graphic Design


Business Administration

Jana Ahlstr和 ’24, a graphic design majorbusiness administration minor at Carthage, is able to gain real-world experience as a graphic design intern for the Athletics Department. The position allows her to build her portfolio, network within the sports community, 和 practice her organization 和 management skills.

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应用 now

“I chose Carthage because I wanted to be part of a community that would make it easy for me to connect 和 network with people.”

Jana Ahlstr和, ’24

教师 mentors

“Professor Kate Prange has been such an essential 和 awesome addition to our program! She is truly so passionate about design 和 teaching her students. As someone who has experienced so much out in the real world, her knowledge in the industry 和 her connections have been so helpful to all of us students.”

Favorite class

“Graphic Design II has been my favorite thus far. We’ve gotten to experiment 和 dabble in many different aspects of graphic design, including Swiss-style posters, book covers, music promotions, campaigns, editorial design, 和更多的.”

Campus involvement

“I am heavily involved in Greek life! Attaining leadership within my sorority is an important part of my character development. First, I became the marketing director, then the recruitment chair, then most recently, president! In addition, I created my club called 东亚银行. 杂志, which is new to Carthage 和 allows students to collaborate 和 use their creativity to create magazines based on pop culture 和 fashion!”

Career goal

“After college, I plan to move to an urban city 和 start my career! I’m hoping to work at a magazine company 和 continue editorial design. If not that route, I would love to work with music artists 和 create tour posters, album covers, 标志, 等.”

Favorite spot on campus

“Anywhere on the ! Although I do not like 湖s, 和 frankly, they are my worst fear, the sunrises are always so beautiful, 和 it’s always a great spot to study, get inspiration from, have a picnic, 和 sit on a hammock.”

Favorite memory

“Being part of the sports community has brought me many exciting moments 和 memories. I’ve assisted with photoshoots, video-media days, 和 social media coverage for almost all of the sports on campus. It’s been very rewarding to create relationships with so many student-athletes.”

Advice for other students in your major?

“My advice for graphic design majors is to allow yourself to explore all the different styles 和 aesthetics 和 don’t refrain from any possibility.”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“When I was 8 years old, I wanted to work at KFC when I grew up. Now that I’ve grown up, I don’t want to work at KFC anymore; my aspirations have changed. If I were to tell 8-year-old me that I chose to be a graphic designer instead of a food service worker, I think she would be disappointed at first because I wouldn’t get free KFC, but I don’t think she’d be surprised. Considering I always got in trouble in class for doodling instead of doing my work, I think I always knew from a young age this a path I was bound to take.”